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We’re giving you as much help as we can so that you succeed.

Combining your desires, our platform, our members and a sprinkling of powerful life-skills is all you need to create amazing change and improvement, whenever and whenever you want. It’s all possible if you want it enough…

User Guide

Our User Guide empowers you to ask for the help you need, attract others to help you and then carry out agreed activities that get you to where you want to go.

All you need to do is decide what you want to achieve, list it, ask for what you want, get the help you need, identify the tasks you need to complete to achieve your aims then go do. Then, once you’ve completed all your tasks, you should be able to achieve the value and benefit you seek, individually and/or collectively.

Here is a snapshot of the User Guide contents:

1 A Little About Thought
1.1 What Is Thought?
1.2 Thought Types
1.3 Progressing Thoughts
2 Ideas-Shared Platform
2.1 Platform Overview
2.2 Member Responsibilities
2.3 Identifying Needs & Wants
2.4 Simpler Progression
2.5 Our Guiding Principles
2.6 Listing Strategy
3 Step by Step Guide
3.1 Using Ideas-Shared
3.2 Step 1: Completing Your Profile
3.3 Step 2: Inviting Friends
3.4 Step 3: Finding Member
3.5 Step 4: Reviewing Profiles
3.6 Step 5: Listing Packages
3.7 Step 6: Add Listings & Projects
3.8 Step 7: Managing Projects
3.9 Step 8: Dashboard Activities
3.10 Step 9: Leader Board Reviews
3.11 Step by Step Summary
4 Agile Projects
4.1 Agile Projects
4.2 Agile Project Management
4.3 Agile Methodology
4.4 History of Agile Projects
4.5 Agile projects vs Waterfall
4.6 Pros and Cons
4.7 Agile Projects Summary
5 Confidential Projects
5.1 Running Confidential Projects
Appendix 1 – Confidentiality Agreement Template
Appendix 2 – Quick Reference Sheet

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Magic eBook

Once, whether for yourself or any other reason, we were only able to say what it was that we wanted to change and improve, but with Ideas-Shared we now have a tool to do just that.

It is a game-changer for everyone, everywhere.

Ideas-Shared has been lovingly and purposefully created to help you and all the people of the World initiate and implement change and improvement projects, for themselves, the community, businesses, clubs, causes and issues.

Now you can turn your thoughts into value and benefit with anyone.

Our 41-page User Guide will show you how to use our global on-demand social change and improvement platform and it won’t take long for you to become an expert in its use.

In fact, 5 minutes is all you need to set up your profile and be ready to develop your activities with existing and new friends, all of whom share similar passions as you.

The Magic of Change and Improvement will help you tap into your innermost feelings, to create a stress-free life of abundant happiness.

It’s a short, easy read that will help you attune your mind and filter out everyday noise, so that you can focus on your important goals, whatever they may be.

We invite to use Ideas-Shared for its intended purpose – and that’s to create change and improvement wherever and whenever you need it, so that your life becomes stress-free and you become abundantly happy.


Life Skills

Without personal relations, trust, rapport, belief then changing and improving anything becomes difficult beyond comprehension. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

As a member of Ideas-Shared you can take advantage of our like-skills training material that you can quickly read and incorporate into your thinking and action.

To create powerful listings and a super personal member profile:

Yes for Ideas-SharedUsing Elevator Pitches

To enhance collaboration and so increase ability to achieve project goals:

Yes for Ideas-SharedPurpose & Choice

Yes for Ideas-SharedPlanning & Preparation

Yes for Ideas-SharedManaging Hope

Yes for Ideas-SharedThinking v Feeling

Yes for Ideas-SharedCycle of Belief

Yes for Ideas-SharedUnderstanding Dramas

Yes for Ideas-SharedCoaching

Yes for Ideas-SharedWholeheartedness

Yes for Ideas-SharedManaging Difficult Conversations

Yes for Ideas-SharedListening Skills

Yes for Ideas-SharedDelegation

Yes for Ideas-SharedStructured Feedback

Yes for Ideas-SharedRelationships are Everything

Yes for Ideas-SharedTasks & Projects