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Real World Training

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Real World Training

Master the #1 Collaboration Planet on the Planet.

We offer a range of real-world training to learn about our platform and the methodology used, which provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Practical knowledge and skills: The training programs are designed to provide practical, hands-on learning experiences that help participants acquire new knowledge and skills that they can apply in real-world situations. These skills can range from using our platform to project management, communication, and leadership.
  • Tailored to specific needs: The training programs are tailored to the specific needs of participants, ensuring that they receive training that is relevant to their individual requirements and objectives. This is achieved through a self-selection process where participants can choose the subject matter that best suits their needs.
  • Flexibility: We offer a range of subject matter training that are flexible and can be customised to meet the needs of different organisations and individuals. This means that participants can choose the training material that best suits their schedule and learning objectives.
  • Cost-effective: Our real-world training are part of the membership and so are cost-effective, making them accessible to everyone who signs up.
  • Improved performance: By providing practical knowledge and skills, i.e. a standard operating model, Ideas-Shared’s training programs can help participants improve their performance and productivity, leading to better outcomes for themselves and their organisations.
  • Networking opportunities: The training programs also provide networking opportunities for participants to connect with those who have completed different training material. Members can gain points for completing training and awards are given to those who complete training to show their achievements.
  • Reinforcement of life skills: The training programs reinforce life skills such as motivation, listening skills, and focus on curiosity and intuition to help members find better ways to realise their ambitions.

Overall, the real-world training offered are designed to provide practical and flexible learning experiences that can be tailored to the needs of members. By providing members with practical knowledge and skills, we help improve their performance and productivity, while also providing networking opportunities to connect with other like-minded members.

Boot Camp

Understand the basics with these 4 modules.

Complete in 30 minutes or less.

Boot Camp image

30 Day Challenge

Do one key action every day (or as desired) to gain experience with our platform.

Track your progress as you begin to master ambition realisation.

30 Day Challenge page as at 11 June 24

Coached Progression

Complete the Coached Progression Module across 6 areas including Getting Started, Identify Listings, Manage Listings, Library, Life-Skills, and Other Information.

Do these in any order you like based on your current understanding and needs.

Coached Progression page as at 11 June 24

Life Skills Refreshers

As part of our Coached Progression Modules, we also offer refreshers on everyday life-skills that you’ll find useful in your daily dealings.

Life Skills page as at 11 June 24

These short, quick elements attune you to factual information that you can use in your everyday dealings.