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Social Network

Use The Power of Social To Turbocharge Your Ambition Realisation Activities

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Social Network

Build and develop a network of people and knowledge to help you succeed.

We offer several benefits as an internet of people (and social network), including:

  • Collaboration: We provide a dual social network for individuals and multiple teams from within any entity to collaborate, connect and share knowledge, ideas, and resources with each other, regardless of their location or background.
  • Community: It creates a community of like-minded individuals and entities that are looking to innovate, solve problems and explore new opportunities.
  • Inclusivity: It is designed to be inclusive for all people, entities, interests, and demographics, making it easy for anyone to sign up and participate.
  • Accessibility: Ideas-Shared.com is accessible anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing members to connect and collaborate globally.
  • Accountability: The platform ensures accountability through its user and entity account structure, where members are held responsible for their actions and contributions.
  • Cost-effective: It is a cost-effective platform that provides users with access to a diverse range of knowledge, expertise, and resources, without the need for expensive consultancy services.
  • Innovation: We encourage innovation and new thinking through our collaborative approach, which helps individuals and entities to come up with fresh ideas and solutions.
  • Learning: We provide a platform for members to learn and develop new skills, knowledge, and expertise through shared experiences and interactions with others.
  • Growth: We help individuals and entities grow by connecting them with potential partners, clients, suppliers, and other relevant stakeholders.

Overall, our social network is invaluable for anyone looking to collaborate, learn, innovate, an

Showcase Yourself

Create a profile and give members and non-members a reason to help you. Use this opportunity to attract other people to your cause.

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Find Others & Build Network

Find friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and other interesting individuals. Search by multiple parameters. Connect, follow, and message any member throughout our open community. Full settings allow you to tailor access.

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Maintain worthwhile contact with the entire community, and keep them informed, and excited about the future.

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Invite People To Join You

Invite your family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues to join our community. There’s no risk, and they too can soon have a FREE Lifetime Membership, just like you. Imagine what you could achieve together!

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Connection With Anyone

Build a team of real people who will work together to deliver your ambitions and goals, or where you help them do likewise.

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Message Anyone

We have an open policy. Any member can message any other (unless the member has limited this functionality).

We don’t limit access to anyone who joins us, as it sort of defeats the object.

If you’re a member, then you can reach out as needed, but don’t SPAM. (Remember our values > integrity is core).

Integrity plays a big part in Ideas-Shared image

Catch Up On Zoom

Use your existing Zoom API for video video and audio conferencing within Groups.

(A Zoom API is required)

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Come Together

Bring the people you need to achieve your goals into Open, Closed and Hidden Groups, or join them in theirs. Use these as a Base to conduct activities relating to your ambitions and goals.

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Open discussions with other members, gain clarity of thought, discuss options, then take the learning to craft ambition listings.

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Share Multimedia & Documents

Share pertinant videos, images and documents throughout your network and groups. Keep everyone informed, entertained, and engaged.


Stay Notified

Configure a comprehensive array of messaging and web push notifications.

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Stay In Control

A comprehensive control panel allows for easy setup of notification and privacy settings.

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