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Common Definitions Used Across Ideas-Shared

Here is an A to Z List of common definitions used across the Ideas-Shared platform.

360 Membership

This means that a single membership gives you the opportunity to focus on any area of life including Yourself, Family, Friends, Other People, Community,  Charities, Schools, Clubs, Special Interest Groups, businesses, Government & Public Bodies, the Environment, even Space!

Activity Listing Groups

There are three Activity Listing Groups comprising: Ideas & Thought, Places, and Events.

Activity Listings

Describe an activity posted on Ideas-Shared that when complete delivers the desired outcomes wanted by members.

Activity Listing Types

There are currently 18 main activity listing types including ideas, rants, problems, articles, questions, solutions, etc.

Activity Priority

Each activity can be prioritised to one of the following 4 options: Important and Urgent, Important but Not Urgent, Not Important but Urgent, Fun or Other.

Activity Status

Members, specifically list owners change the status of their listings as each progresses, culminating in its completion, or cancellation.

Ambition & Impossible Ambition

It’s what we most want ~ but can’t get due to a lack of help, support, and leverage.

Change Maker

Change-Makers are individuals, organisations, and activists who are passionate about creating positive change in the world. They are driven by the desire to make a difference and are dedicated to achieving their personal, community, social, business, environmental, economic, financial, or political ambitions and goals. At Ideas-Shared, we welcome change-makers from all walks of life to come together and collaborate on a platform designed to turn their ambitions into reality.

Coached Ambition Realisation Platform

Coached Ambition Realisation Platform is the name of Ideas-Shared. It aims to provide individuals and entities with the necessary guidance, structure, and support to pursue their ambitions and achieve their goals. It combines training, structured processes, and collaboration to empower users and maximise their potential for success.

Collaborative Innovation Network

A powerful community of individuals and organisations working together to create and implement innovative ideas that drive positive change.

Common Good

The term “common good” refers to the collective well-being or the benefit of society as a whole. It represents the shared interests, values, and goals that contribute to the overall welfare and flourishing of a community, nation, or humanity in general.


On Ideas-Shared curiosity enables members to look for the available opportunities to overcome the unacceptable, which is the precursor to achieving desired outcomes.

On Ideas-Shared curiosity enables members to look for the available opportunities to overcome the unacceptable, which is the precursor to achieving desired outcomes.

Democratised Ambition Realisation

Empowering individuals from all backgrounds to pursue and achieve their aspirations, breaking down barriers that limit ambition, and providing equal opportunities for success.

Desired Outcomes

Describes what it is that the list owner is seeking to achieve e.g. developing an idea is an outcome of the idea listing.


Usually, when talking about diversity, we think about demographic diversity (our gender, race, sexual orientation, and so on), but we shouldn’t forget experiential diversity (our affinities, hobbies, and abilities), and cognitive diversity (how we approach, and solve problems and think about things). On Ideas-Shared members open up the possibility of accessing an array of diverse people to help them achieve their goals.

Enlightened Self-Interest

Enlightened self-interest suggests that individuals who act to further the interests of others, or the interests of the group or community to which they belong, ultimately serve their own self-interest as well. This is because the benefits of a cooperative and supportive community or relationship tend to outweigh the costs of the altruistic behaviour.

Entity Accounts

An account type for organisations of every type. Note this is a concurrent license so anyone from an organisation can use the platform.


Members join forums to ask questions, seek clarity, and find potential supporters.


Members come together in groups to discuss issues and develop strategies that deliver desired outcomes, value, and benefits.


Members ask for help or give help based on their current circumstances. Means what it says.


Is the name of our domain, and it’s also the name of our company… Ideas-Shared Ltd.

Ideas-Shared Formula

The model that powers our community: AA + (IS + LP) = VB. Otherwise known as Ambitions and Activity plus Ideas-Shared plus Leverage and Popularity equals Value and Benefit.

Ideas & Thoughts

ideas and thoughts are the main listing categories on Ideas-Shared. Sub-categories include Ideas, Rants, Problems, Articles, Questions, Solutions, Jobs, Places worth a visit, Places needing help, Places able to help, a day in history, Conferences, Exhibitions, Fund Raising, Open Days, Public Meetings, Trade Shows, and Online Video Meetings.

Individual Account

An account type for individuals.

Intelligent Collaboration

Intelligent collaboration refers to the use of advanced technologies and human intelligence to enhance and optimise collaboration among individuals and groups.


The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. Whenever you disregard your intuition, you are giving your ego the power to keep creating false stories that keep you filled with fear and continuously stuck. Your intuition is saying, stop, it’s time to start doing something. On Ideas-Shared members use their intuition as well as reasoning to identify activities that can make a difference in the world.


When members help each other or receive investment, direct action, or something else they generate leverage. Activity listings will naturally require different amounts of leverage based on the size and impact of the outcome desired.

List Owner

A Member of Ideas-Shared who posts an idea or thought listing on Ideas-Shared in order to achieve a specific goal.

List Type

Describes whether an Activity Listing has been created by an Individual or Group.

Member Area

People that join Ideas-Shared get access to the Members Area, our methodology, and our tools.

One World Initiative

A title for the overall initiative designed to bring all 16+ individuals and organisations globally together on Ideas-Shared in order to effect and manifest mass leverage, action, and results.


We provide Posters that Members can add listing URLs and print off to distribute offline.


Are any number of tasks designed to deliver an Activity Listing.


A place where our members share a little about themselves or their entity.


Everything members do on Ideas-Shared ends up as either a positive or negative result, based on the help received leverage obtained, and the effectiveness of the teams involved.


Member plan and execute tasks for each of their projects. Successful completion of each task contributes to the overall completion of the activity in question.

Universal Ambition Fusion

The merging and harmonisation of diverse ambitions and goals from people around the world, lead to a collective effort towards meaningful impact and transformation.

Value & Benefit

These are the things that people attain and deliver to beneficiaries upon successful completion of activity listings.

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