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We recognise that we have made something very unique, which opens the door to real-time collaboration at scale. To help you get as much information as you can, we offer you these free resources to study at your leisure. You don’t need to give your email address, simply click and read, or watch. Then decide, no pressure, no risk.

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Platform of Dreams Mock Up

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Collaboration is something we all do to varying degrees, and on Ideas-Shared this collaboration can be manifested many times over by individuals and organisations who have ideas, frustrations, problems, and more. For those less used to collaboration, it’s really all about:

  • Believing that you can, and wanting to do something about it.
  • Understanding and articulating your position, and perspective.
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and what you bring to the table.
  • Being comfortable in asking for help, and offering help.
  • Valuing the collaborative process itself, and the freedom it brings.
  • Encouraging others to participate.
  • Knowing your goals. Working with anyone and following up relentlessly until you achieve the desired outcomes.

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