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Side By Side Review

In our complex world, fragmentation and a lack of standard process means that no matter what type of idea, frustration, problem, or other challenge you may, either individually, or as an organisation, getting from start to finish is often haphazard, fraught with dangers that can derail you at any moment. Check out the side by side review of using and not using Ideas-Shared to realise your ambitions and goals:

ElementWithout Ideas-SharedWith Ideas-Shared
Strategic PositioningHurdle: Difficulty in finding relevant individuals or organisations, leading to frustration and potential failure.
Potential: Limited ability to position oneself or one’s organisation as a key player.
Potential: Immediate positioning as a potential partner and benefactor, leveraging the growing membership base.
Emotional SupportHurdle: Facing strategic challenges alone can be emotionally taxing, leading to doubts and stress. it may also take time to find solace from like-minded people.
Potential: Seeking support from personal networks, mentors, or support groups is possible and can offer emotional backing, and empathy to navigate challenges.
Potential: Emotional support from a community of like-minded individuals and organisations can provide encouragement, perspective, and solidarity, alleviating feelings of isolation and boosting morale.
Universal CoverageHurdle: Lack of a single reference point for managing various ambitions and engaging with different parties.
Potential: Limited scope and effectiveness in managing diverse ambitions and collaborating across different sectors.
Potential: Comprehensive coverage of various ambitions and collaborations across different sectors and entities.
Networking and InfluencingHurdle: Limited options for global networking and audience growth.
Potential: Difficulty in building a supportive network on a global scale.
Potential: Easy invitation process to build a network of support and lasting relationships.
Reacting to EventsHurdle: Random events may be forgotten or lost among other activities.
Potential: Lack of structured processes to address and progress important events or opportunities.
Potential: Structured process for identifying and progressing important events or opportunities.
Documenting Ambitions and GoalsHurdle: Lack of a single platform to manage and progress diverse ambitions and projects.
Potential: Ambitions and goals may be forgotten over time, leading to missed opportunities.
Potential: Easy segmentation and permanent record of ambitions and projects for continuous progress.
Sharing Ambitions and GoalsHurdle: Difficulty in promoting ambitions and ideas to a wide audience.
Potential: Limited avenues for sharing ambitions and gaining support.
Potential: Multiple avenues for sharing ambitions and gaining support, both online and offline.
Building TeamsHurdle: Time-consuming process of building trustworthy teams without a central hub.
Potential: Inefficient management of projects and collaborations.
Potential: Potential to build virtual teams of individuals and organisations for collaborative projects.
Resource Management, Task Execution, and Outcome Delivery:Hurdle: Longer, more costly, and fragmented process without a centralised portal.
Potential: Lack of effective planning and coordination may hinder desired outcomes.
Potential: Effective planning and coordination through a single portal, facilitating desired outcomes.
MonetisationHurdles: Limited visibility, networking challenges, and market competition without a centralised platform like Ideas-Shared.
Potential: Limited.
Potential: Opportunity to fund ambitions and ideas while offering the same opportunity to others. High earnings possible with effort.

Other Considerations When Using Ideas-Shared

  • Learning Curve: Ideas-Shared prioritises user empowerment, offering intuitive navigation and comprehensive onboarding resources. Our platform is designed to ensure all members have the tools and support they need for success from day one.
  • Privacy Concerns: Protecting user privacy is paramount at Ideas-Shared. We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and safeguarding sensitive information. That’s why we’ve implemented robust privacy controls and encryption protocols to ensure the security of user data. Users have full control over their privacy settings, allowing them to manage who can access their account, shared ambitions and goals. Additionally, we recommend a cautious approach to sharing sensitive information publicly and encourage users to utilise closed groups for more private discussions. With Ideas-Shared, users can confidently engage and collaborate in a secure environment, knowing that their privacy is our top priority.
  • Community Engagement: At Ideas-Shared, community engagement is at the heart of what we do. We foster a dynamic and interactive environment through various initiatives, including gamification and leaderboards, to encourage active participation and collaboration among our diverse user base.
  • Process Integration: Ideas-Shared offers a flexible and adaptable solution that complements your organisation’s workflow, providing a light-touch opportunity for collaboration that requires minimal management effort.
  • Content Quality: Trust and integrity are paramount on Ideas-Shared. We maintain high standards of content quality and relevance through robust user guidelines and training, ensuring that all shared ambitions and goals contribute meaningfully to the platform’s collective value.
  • Technical Issues: While technical issues may occasionally arise, our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure a seamless user experience. Ideas-Shared prioritises platform stability and performance, with proactive maintenance and responsive customer support to address any challenges promptly and effectively.
  • Monetisation Strategy: Unlocking monetisation opportunities on Ideas-Shared is both achievable and rewarding. We provide valuable resources, insights, and support to help users explore and implement successful monetisation strategies, empowering them to maximise their earning potential and drive meaningful financial outcomes.

In reality, it doesn’t matter what type of event you face, or what ambition you may have, or what your goals are. Getting from A to B, doesn’t need to be difficult. That’s why we created Ideas-Shared, and our One World Initiative. Simply select an account type, sign up, and plug your ideas and thoughts, your emotions, desire into Ideas-Shared. Forever thereafter, you’ll be able to tackle any personal, professional, or societal event with clarity, and expectation.

Here’s a proven, repeatable process that you can use for the rest of your life, to create literally thousands of new connections, increase your influence, attain your goals, change the status quo through everyday activities, and make your life or that of your organisation better. It’s all possible with a change in perspective, and by following our simple 7 step process.