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Ambition Management

Marketplace To Share & Act Upon Our Ambitions & Goals

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Ambition Management

Permanently share your ambitions and goals with the world for greater impact.

Our Ambition Marketplace offers several benefits to its users, including:

  • Access to a growing diverse range of people and organisations: The platform is designed to connect users with a global network of individuals, and organisations, enabling them to access a wide range of knowledge and expertise.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Ideas-Shared.com provides a cost-effective solution for users to connect with experts and professionals, without incurring the high costs associated with traditional consulting services.
  • Opportunities for collaboration: The platform provides users with opportunities for collaboration with other like-minded individuals and organisations, facilitating the exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing.
  • Increased efficiency: Ideas-Shared.com helps users to save time and increase efficiency by providing a streamlined platform for connecting with experts, professionals, and people.
  • Accessible 24/7: The platform is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, allowing users to access expertise and knowledge whenever they need it.
  • Personalised experience: We offer a personalised experience, with users able to customise their profiles and connect with experts, professionals, and people tailored to their specific needs and interests.

Overall, our Ambition Marketplace provides a valuable platform for users to access expertise and knowledge, collaborate with others, and drive their ambitions forward.

Identify Ambitions & Goals

Decide upon your strategic imperatives, ambitions, and goals, and get ready to turn these into actionable activity listings.

Here are some as defined by the UN, but you, your group, and organisation will have your own.

Don’t hide them away, or ignore them.

Managing ambitions and goals for humanity graphic showing UN sustainable development goals

Select Appropriate Activity Listings

Begin the process of ambition realisation by first selecting the type of activities you want to initiate.

Choose from one of the following (these are the ones you can select to do):

  • Develop ideas
  • Overcome frustrations
  • Fix problems
  • Share articles
  • Ask questions
  • Offer solutions
  • Manage jobs
  • Showcase places
  • Promote events
  • Express opinions
  • Post announcements
  • Start discussions
  • Present recommendations
  • Supply tutorials
  • Offer help
  • Request help
  • Submit ads
  • Share fun stuff

Learn more here.

Woman Self-Assessing her Ambitions Image

Add An Activity Listing (Ask For Help)

Post your Activity Listings using the link in the side menu. Post unlimited listings.

Single Ambition Submission Form image

Syndicate Listings

Syndicate your Listings across Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Create additional exposure, drive traffic to the community, and get the help you need to succeed.

Syndicating Listings image

Advertise Offline

Promote your listing offline with people you know. Have face-to-face conversations, pick up the phone, put an ad in the newspaper, or put up Posters throughout your community or workplace.

Use our Posters or create your own. Simply download these from the member’s area, add your Listing URL in the white area, and distribute.

Ideas-Shared Poster #1
Ideas-Shared Poster #2
Ideas-Shared Poster #3
Ideas-Shared Poster #4
Ideas-Shared Poster #5

Find Highly Specific Listing

Review the Ambition Directory, map, and other views to find listings to help. Once you have found an interesting listing, check out the next steps, and engage with the list owner as described.

Global Map image

Like & Dislike Listings

Review the listings in the Directory, and Like or Dislike the ones you are drawn to. Voting enters the Listing into the Top 100 for even more exposure.

Likes and Dislikes image

Review Top 100 Listings

Take a look at the Top 100 Listings, vote for the ones that interest you, and help out where you can.

Top 100 Ambition Listings image

Search Listings

Look for interesting activities that mean something to you, using the many variables shown in the Search form.

Search Listings image