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Realise Your Ambition by Managing Jobs

Post A Job Listing

At Ideas-Shared, we understand that achieving personal ambitions, business goals, social initiatives, environmental aspirations, political visions, community projects, economic strategies, and financial objectives often require a collaborative effort. That’s why we have introduced Job Listings as an additional channel on our platform to facilitate the completion of tasks and the exchange of help between individuals and organizations.

Job Listings serve as a valuable tool for highlighting specific jobs or tasks that need to be completed. Whether you need assistance or are offering help, Job Listings enable you to connect with like-minded individuals who can contribute their skills, expertise, and resources to support your endeavours. By posting Job Listings alongside other Activity Listings, you can emphasize the need for immediate action in pursuit of your ambitions and goals.

These listings provide a space where you can outline the specific requirements, responsibilities, and desired outcomes of the job or task at hand. Whether it’s a short-term project, a one-time assignment, or an ongoing role, Job Listings help you communicate the scope and importance of the work, attracting individuals or organisations who are motivated to contribute and make a meaningful impact.

Job Listings can encompass any type of activity needing to be undertaken, skilled or unskilled, paid for, or charitable. By seeking help or offering your expertise through Job Listings, you can tap into a diverse pool of talent and resources within the Ideas-Shared community.

The collaborative nature of Job Listings reinforces our belief in the power of collective action. By working together, we can overcome challenges, leverage diverse perspectives, and achieve greater results than we could on our own. Through Job Listings, you have the opportunity to actively engage with others who share your passions and ambitions, fostering a supportive and dynamic ecosystem of collaboration.

So whether you are seeking assistance to propel your personal growth, drive your business forward, address social issues, contribute to environmental sustainability, influence political change, initiate community projects, devise economic strategies, or fulfill financial objectives, Job Listings on Ideas-Shared are the platform where you can connect with the right individuals or organisations to get the job done.

Follow The Process

Here is the process for managing jobs on Ideas-Shared:

  • Job Posting or Service Offering: Clearly define the job role or service you need or are offering. Include details such as responsibilities, requirements, and whether it is a paid or unpaid opportunity.
  • Job Duration: Specify the duration of the job or service, whether it is a one-time task or an ongoing opportunity.
  • Create Activity Listing: Complete the Add Listing form and post when ready. Syndicate to other platforms or use a Poster to advertise offline.
  • Invite Others: Send an invite to people you know to join Ideas-Shared and get involved in your Listing.
  • Open a Group: Invite others to engage through the Group and Group Forum.
  • Application or Inquiry Review: Regularly review applications from potential candidates or inquiries from members interested in the service you offer.
  • Candidate Evaluation or Service Selection: Evaluate candidates’ qualifications and suitability for the job or select the most appropriate service provider based on their expertise and fit.
  • Job Assignment or Service Agreement: For job postings, assign the job to the selected candidate, and for service offerings, agree on the terms and conditions with the recipient.
  • Task Progress Monitoring: Keep track of the candidate’s or service provider’s progress on the job or service. Offer support and guidance if needed.
  • Feedback and Communication: Provide feedback and communicate regularly with the candidate or service provider to ensure a smooth and successful execution.
  • Payment and Rewards: For paid jobs or services, arrange for payment or provide the agreed-upon rewards to the candidate or service provider upon successful completion.
  • Job or Service Closure: Officially close the job listing or service offering and mark it as completed.
  • Project Creation (Optional): For more complex jobs, consider creating a project to better organise and manage the job or service.
  • Review and Feedback: After the job or service is completed, provide a review or feedback to acknowledge the candidate’s or service provider’s performance, if relevant.
  • Record Keeping: Maintain organised records of job postings, services offered, candidates, and outcomes for future reference.
  • Continuous Improvement: Continuously evaluate the job and service management process and identify areas for improvement.

By following this list, you can effectively manage jobs and services on Ideas-Shared, facilitating successful collaborations and fostering a positive environment for members to seek or offer help and expertise. Whether the tasks are paid or unpaid, the process ensures that both parties can engage in meaningful exchanges and accomplish their goals.

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Example Listing

Example Listing