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Providing Great Individuals (16+) & Organisations With Intelligent Opportunity

Whether life comes down to luck, or being prepared, Ideas-Shared, helps individual and organisation clients looking for serendipitous dialogue and collective action. Whether you’re an advocate for social change, a community leader driving local initiatives, or an entrepreneur seeking collaboration opportunities, our platform offers the tools and support you need to make a real difference in the world, when you least expect it, but most want it.

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Our members share a commitment to collaboration, fairness, and equality, prioritising integrity, teamwork, quality, value, and resolve in their endeavours. You embrace working with others to achieve common goals, fostering mutual respect and opportunity for all involved. Additionally, you are passionate about personal, professional, and societal growth, actively seeking self-improvement and contributing to the betterment of others and society as a whole.

Motivated by a desire to make a positive impact, with honesty, and integrity, you and your organisation leverage serendipitous meetings, untapped skills and resources to achieve shared objectives, benefiting yourselves, your communities, and broader society.

Ideas-Shared Is Perfect For Our Clients…

  1. Social Innovators: You are actively involved in social causes and are looking for effective ways to collaborate with others to make a difference in your community or on a global scale. You are passionate about addressing issues like poverty, inequality, environmental sustainability, and social justice.
  2. Entrepreneurs and Startups: You are an individual looking to launch new ventures or small businesses and seeking opportunities to network, collaborate, and gain support from a community of like-minded individuals. You may be interested in finding partners, investors, or mentors to help you grow your businesses.
  3. Nonprofit Organisations: You are a Nonprofit or NGO, dedicated to specific causes such as education, healthcare, human rights, or environmental conservation and you could benefit from a platform like Ideas-Shared to connect with volunteers, donors, and other organisations to amplify your impact and reach your goals.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Professionals: Companies like yours that prioritise CSR and sustainability initiatives may use Ideas-Shared as a platform to engage employees, collaborate with other businesses, and support community projects. CSR professionals may also be interested in sharing best practices and learning from others in the field.
  5. Educators and Researchers: You may be a teacher, professor, or researcher who is interested in collaborative projects, knowledge sharing, and interdisciplinary collaboration. You may use Ideas-Shared to connect with colleagues, find collaborators for research projects, or access educational resources and best practices.
  6. Community Leaders: You are a local government official, community organiser, or grassroots activist, and you want to use Ideas-Shared to mobilise residents, coordinate projects, and address issues affecting communities. You may be interested in networking with other leaders, sharing successful strategies, and accessing resources for community development.

So Many Ways To Create Serendipitous Value…

Ideas-Shared is designed to resonate with a diverse range of individuals and organisations who want to tap into ‘chance’ and make a positive impact on the world:

  1. Individuals seeking personal growth: Motivated individuals looking for guidance and support to achieve personal goals.
  2. Entrepreneurs and small business owners: Individuals wanting to establish a strong online presence and optimise their digital efforts.
  3. Individuals facing life challenges: Navigating through life’s ups and downs, seeking tools and strategies for stress management and resilience.
  4. Socially conscious individuals: Passionate about making a positive impact, contributing to social causes, and promoting sustainability.
  5. Professionals and career-oriented individuals: Those interested in advancing their careers and maximising their potential.
  6. Non-profit organisations and NGOs: Entities dedicated to creating positive change in various areas, benefiting from networking and collaboration.
  7. Individuals seeking meaningful connections: Valuing connections, building a supportive community, and celebrating achievements together.
  8. Advocates for reason and balance: Individuals concerned about the world’s state, wanting to be part of a movement promoting common sense, reason, and balance in decision-making.
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