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After an amazing 18 month challenge, we’ve finally reached a pivotal moment in the life of Ideas-Shared. It’s time for us to open up our platform to the wider World, as a soft launch. Against all the odds, we’ve created a solution for all the people of the World. One that can help you overcome […]

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Ever wondered how to get what you want? Well, it’s easier than you think if you put your mind to it… +++++ Once, whether for yourself or any other reason, we were only able to say what it was that we wanted to change and improve, but with Ideas-Shared we now have a tool to […]

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Our new 41 page User Guide has been released! We help you convert your thought into value and benefit by: Developing an idea Complain or ranting about something Overcoming a problem Sharing an article Asking a question Offering a solution Asking for or offering work activity Our User Guide empowers you to ask for the […]

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You'll find your receipt, in the Invoices tab of the Dashboard section of your Ideas-Shared account. Alternatively, click here if you are already logged in. Just click on the relevant invoice to view. Note that you'll need to click on view prior to downloading in PDF format. You can then download this as a PDF or take [...] Read More
All listings are monthly. If you want to extend the time of your listing simply grab yourself another Pro Monthly or Pro Annual package. A Pro Monthly package is only £7 a month and a Pro Monthly costs £47 annually. Every package comes with unlimited listings so that you'll never run out of being able [...] Read More
If you're over 18 and looking for a unique experience to change and improve anything, one that can have immense value globally, then you’ve come to the right place! Be part of a unique new social community itching to make a difference! Click here to create your Ideas-Shared account and get unlimited free listings for [...] Read More
Our support team is at your service, replying to messages during the hours of: Monday to Sunday, 9am - 10pm GMT If you have a question or support issue please click here to open a ticket. We aim to reply to all messages within 48 hours. You'll see we don't have a telephone number. We work to resolve [...] Read More
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