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Ideas-Shared is a unique market of everyday ideas, thoughts, and activities where members come together as individuals and groups, to post their wants and needs, ask for help, get help, then plan and execute tasks that deliver specific outcomes.

On Ideas-Shared members have the opportunity to help change and improve our world by undertaking everyday activities, such as developing ideas, overcoming frustrations, fixing problems, and more.

Ideas-Shared works by helping members find the help, support, and leverage needed to deliver a change or improvement in their circumstances.

Anyone of the age of 16 can join our community as an Individual Champions, or Champion Group (on behalf of any community, organisation, business, charity, school, club, etc. each with a set number of sub-accounts), or as a Free Member (these are collectively known as members).

Prices start from £7/Month for an Individual Champion Account and £15/Month for a Champion Group Account with 5 Users. A full price list can be found here.

There is no limit to the number of listings that you can post.

We recommend you set up one Individual Champion Account. Communities, organisations, and businesses can set up any number of Champion Group Accounts with varying numbers of Users each. Champion Group Accounts are initiated by leaders, officers, or directors of organisations and businesses with the agreement of sub-account members.

Champion Group Accounts within organisations bring trusted, passionate, and skilled people together to effect change and improvement internally and externally. This enables such organisations and businesses to leverage the skills and experience of their own people and augment them with other groups and individuals not normally accessible.

Without a membership fee, Ideas-Shared cannot operate, as we do not clutter our community with ‘ads’ that dilute the focus.

Ideas-Shared operates across every facet of life, including personal, business, community, and government interest areas. Too many people are marginalised, too few have a real voice, too many people are struggling, and too many people do not have the leverage, skills, or experience needed to change and improve our world. This has to stop. We need a way to open up the world to innovation, change, and improvement like never before using the potential of the internet. That’s why we’re creating a new age of enlightenment where our voices can be heard, and acted upon, not ignored.

We originally created Ideas-Shared to help people find the help they needed to develop their own ideas. We then expanded that to include seventeen everyday activities, see our Use Cases for more information.

Our world is still very much inefficient, unequal, unfair, bureaucratic, dangerous (remember Ukraine), full of ideology, political divide, greed, incompetence, and more… all of which cause harm to people everywhere. It’s time for the people to have their say, and to initiate activity that makes our world a better place.

With Ideas-Shared, we can start to find ways to collaborate right across the spectrum of personal, community, business, environmental, and government activity…

Great that you’re interested… and yes we’ve got you covered here too!

Now depending on where you are with your goals, whether that’s not thinking that you have a goal at all, or you want to work out how best to proceed, then check out these free email sequences. They’ll help you get grounded and focus specifically on your current circumstance.

Current listings are found here. If you find anything of interest then sign up, and contact the list owner… you never know where it might take you…