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Realise Your Ambition by Requesting Help

Post A Request Help Listing

At Ideas-Shared, we understand that sometimes we need support, guidance, or assistance to overcome challenges and achieve our goals. If you’re seeking help, whether it’s advice, expertise, resources, or collaboration, our platform provides a space for you to request help and connect with individuals who are willing to assist.

Request Help Listings on Ideas-Shared allows you to reach out to our diverse community and express your needs. Whether you’re facing a professional dilemma, seeking personal growth, looking for resources for a project, or in need of mentorship, our platform is designed to facilitate connections and support.

By requesting help on Ideas-Shared, you can tap into the collective knowledge and experiences of our community. Our members are eager to contribute their expertise, provide guidance, and offer assistance where they can. Together, we can foster a culture of collaboration and mutual support, where individuals can rely on each other to overcome challenges and achieve their objectives.

Join us on Ideas-Shared and seek the help you need. Request assistance, connect with individuals who can support you, and together, let’s create a community where everyone can thrive and grow.

Follow The Process

This is how you request help on Ideas-Shared:

  • Identify the Need: Clearly identify the specific area or task where you need help. Understand what kind of assistance or expertise you require.
  • Create a Request Help Listing: Open the form and complete the required fields to create your listing.
  • Be Specific: Clearly articulate the details of the help you need. Provide relevant context and any important information that will help others understand the scope of the request.
  • Choose the Appropriate Tags or Categories: Select relevant tags or categories that best represent the type of help you are seeking. This will help your request reach the right audience.
  • Indicate Compensation (Optional): If you are willing to provide compensation for the help you need, specify the terms and method of payment in the listing. If you are seeking free assistance, you can mention it as well.
  • Privacy Consideration: Be mindful of sharing any sensitive or personal information that may not be suitable for public posting.
  • Open a Group (Optional): If your request requires collaboration or involvement from a group of people, consider opening a group where interested individuals can engage and discuss the task further.
  • Invite Others: Send an invite to people you know to join Ideas-Shared and ask them to help you.
  • Monitor Responses: Keep an eye on responses to your Request Help Listing. Be prompt in responding to inquiries or offers of assistance.
  • Evaluate Offers: Assess the offers of help you receive and consider the expertise and suitability of the individuals offering assistance.
  • Communicate Expectations: Clearly communicate your expectations and requirements to those offering help. Be specific about what you need and any deadlines or constraints involved.
  • Agree on Terms (For Paid Help): If the help you require is paid, reach an agreement on compensation, terms of service, and any other relevant details with the individual providing assistance.
  • Express Gratitude: Show appreciation to those who offer their help, whether you end up accepting their assistance or not.
  • Provide Feedback: After receiving help, provide feedback to the individual who assisted you. Acknowledge their efforts and express gratitude for their support.
  • Award Members: If you received a good outcome consider awarding involved Members with an Outstanding Service Award.
  • Maintain Positive Communication: Throughout the process, maintain positive and respectful communication with those offering help.
  • Stay Engaged: Stay engaged in the group or discussion related to your request if you opened one. Provide updates, answer questions, and show your commitment to the project if applicable.
  • Completion and Follow-Up: Once the help you requested is provided, mark your listing as complete or resolved. If applicable, share the outcomes or results achieved through the assistance received.

By following this process, you can effectively request help on Ideas-Shared, whether it’s for free or paid assistance, and find the support you need from the community of members willing to offer their expertise and resources.

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Example Listing

Example Listing