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At Ideas-Shared, we recognise that problems are an inherent part of life, and they come in various forms, sizes, and complexities. Whether you are pursuing personal ambitions, business goals, social initiatives, environmental sustainability, political change, community development, economic growth, or financial stability, problems can arise and pose significant challenges along the way. However, we believe that every problem holds within it an opportunity for growth, innovation, and positive change.

Problem Listings on Ideas-Shared serve as a powerful tool for individuals and organisations to identify, articulate, and address the problems they encounter. We provide a platform where you can share the problems you face and connect with a diverse community of problem-solvers who can contribute their insights, experiences, and expertise to help you find effective solutions.

By posting a Problem Listing on Ideas-Shared, you not only seek assistance and guidance but also engage in a collaborative process of problem-solving. Our platform enables you to outline the specific challenges you are facing, present relevant details, and invite others to contribute their ideas and perspectives. Through open dialogue and the exchange of knowledge, we believe that together, we can overcome any obstacle and unlock new possibilities for success.

No matter the nature of the problem you are encountering, Ideas-Shared is here to provide you with a supportive community and the necessary resources to tackle it. We understand that each problem is unique and requires a tailored approach, which is why our platform allows for customisable Problem Listings that align with your specific ambitions and circumstances.

Our goal is to create an environment where problems are seen as opportunities for growth and collective problem-solving. We encourage you to share your challenges openly, as doing so not only helps you find potential solutions but also allows others to learn from your experiences and contribute their insights. Together, we can break down barriers, overcome hurdles, and pave the way for success in various domains of life.

So, whether you are facing a personal issue, a complex business problem, a social issue that needs attention, an environmental challenge that requires sustainable solutions, or any other obstacle hindering your progress, Problem Listings on Ideas-Shared provide a platform to address and resolve these issues. Join our community of problem-solvers, share your challenges, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who are passionate about finding innovative solutions.

Through our Problem Listings feature, we aim to foster a culture of problem-solving, where individuals and organisations come together to overcome challenges and create positive change. Together, let’s transform problems into opportunities and pave the way for a better, more successful future in all areas of life.

Follow The Process

Here is the process for fixing problems on Ideas-Shared:

  • Problem Description: Clearly define the problem you need assistance with. Provide context, details, and any relevant information to help others understand the issue.
  • Problem Impact: Explain the impact of the problem on you or others. Describe its urgency and significance.
  • Possible Solutions (Optional): If you have already identified potential solutions, mention them. This can help others understand your thought process and provide targeted assistance.
  • Privacy and Sensitivity: Be cautious about sharing any sensitive or personal information related to the problem.
  • Post the Problem: Open the “Add Listing” form and enter the problem description and any necessary details.
  • Invite Others: Send an invite to people you know to join Ideas-Shared and get involved in your Listing.
  • Open a Group: Invite others to engage through the Group and Group Forum.
  • Consider Creating a Project: If the problem requires multiple steps or collaboration, consider creating a project for it. A project will help organise tasks and engage others effectively.
  • Project Details: If you decide to create a project, outline the project’s goals, objectives, and scope. Describe how it will address the problem and any specific outcomes you hope to achieve.
  • Task Breakdown: Break down the problem-solving process into smaller tasks. Define each task clearly, including its description, deadline, and any resources needed.
  • Task Assignment: If collaborating with others on the project, assign tasks to suitable team members based on their skills and expertise.
  • Monitor Project Progress: Keep track of the project’s progress and the completion of individual tasks. Offer assistance and guidance to team members when needed.
  • Evaluate Solutions: Review the solutions proposed by the team members. Assess their effectiveness and select the most suitable one to implement.
  • Implement Solution: Put the chosen solution into action, and monitor its effectiveness.
  • Award Member: If you received a good outcome consider awarding involved Members with an Outstanding Service Award.
  • Mark Problem as Resolved: Once the problem is successfully fixed, change the Listing status, or delete it.

By following this process, you can effectively seek assistance in fixing problems on Ideas-Shared. Creating a project and relevant tasks allows for better organisation, collaboration, and tracking progress towards finding a solution. Remember to be active in engaging with team members, monitoring progress, and expressing appreciation for their contributions.

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Example Listing

Example Listing