Company Insights

There is a world beyond Covid-19, beyond AI, Robotics… beyond technology, beyond our individual tribes, beyond strife, that is so often forgotten… and that’s our collective intelligence and humanity, which enable us to come together, and champion great causes for the good of all.

But, there are so few places online where ordinary people can come together to make a difference. That’s why we created Ideas-Shared… to help everyone do more and achieve their ambitions.

Yes, the world is at a difficult, if not critical juncture, and now is the time to overcome so many of the difficulties, inefficiencies, beliefs, and ideologies that tear us apart.

So, if you’re over 16, want a voice, and want to take action with like-minded people to make a difference, to change and improve our world, to be someone, then you’ve come to the right company…

Introducing Ideas-Shared

Uniquely, Ideas-Shared is a Coached Ambition Realisation Platform that crosses all human boundaries. Here people from every country, organisation, and belief, can come together as Advocates and Crusaders, to cross-pollinate their ideas and thoughts, join forces, seek solutions, and act in support of personal, community, business, financial, political, and environmental change, and improvement initiatives!

As you navigate our platform, (take a tour), we’ll give you the knowledge, confidence, tools, and methodology to be the person you want, meet others, make a difference in the world, and to achieve all manner of goals, with you always in control.

Some of these goals will be personal to you, while others will help the community, society, or business. Your goals can be as big or small as you want them to be.

Remember, the value you create, the trusting relationships you build, and the people you meet, are there for as long as you want. Develop a network of people (other members), that you trust, and call upon to help you whenever you need it, regardless of purpose. Use our platform as often as you need, build new teams, find new supporters, start new adventures, and don’t forget to help the people you care about, so they achieve their goals too!

Empowering Teamwork Founded On Science

“Once we understand the importance of collective brains, we begin to see why modern societies vary in their innovativeness. It’s not the smartest of the individuals… It’s the willingness of and ability of large numbers of individuals at the knowledge frontier to freely interact, exchange views, disagree, learn from each other, build collaborations, trust strangers, and be wrong. Innovation does not take a genius or a village, it takes a big network of freely interacting minds”

Dr. Joseph Henrich, Chair, Department of Human Evolutionary Biology
Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard

Ideas-Shared Is Focused 100% On Your Success

Creating an environment where people can inspire, and be inspired is at the heart of our company, which we simply call Ideas Shared.

We believe everyone should be able to realise their potential. But when people struggle to develop their ideas, fail to overcome frustrations, or fix problems due to the nonsense created by others, then that potential is often stifled, leading to unfulfillment, and unhappiness…

We don’t want that anymore!


That’s why we decided to help people from around the world become Champions, connect with like-minded folk, and strive to achieve their goals by undertaking enlightened self-interest activities on our idea-sharing platform (and here’s how it works).

Through our platform, we facilitate the undertaking of everyday activities that turn current situations into desired outcomes, with the people you know, and those you’ve yet to meet.