How To Create A Beneficial Portfolio

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How To Create A Beneficial Portfolio On Ideas-Shared

Anyone looking at Ideas-Shared for the first time is likely to say ‘wow’ simply because it has been masterfully constructed. Indeed the ambition that has gone into the development of this extraordinary platform is in itself amazing.

But look beyond what you see on the screen, delve into the logic of a capability that is global, and supportive of all individuals 16+ and all organisations throughout the world and Ideas-Shared becomes jaw-droppingly different from almost anything you’ve seen online before.

But with such a plethora of adversity and opportunity, how do individuals, and organisations go about creating a portfolio of value and benefit derived from pursuing specific everyday activities that suit their aspirations and current maturity level?

Well, that’s what we’re going to explore in this post.

No ChatGPT or AI Needed To Participate

First of all, we are talking about a portfolio of ambitions and goals across all of mankind at the individual, local, organisation, and global levels. We are talking about how to benefit yourself personally, or benefit the community, socially, across businesses, throughout the environment, in charities, schools, special interest groups, clubs, religious organisations, and governments too!

No ChatGPT is needed, just a simple understanding of your own mind, your wants, needs, perspectives, beliefs, and desires, which you focus on, collate and add to over time.

This is raw human power, where we identify and act upon our ideas, frustrations, problems, questions, jobs, solutions, and information, to bring people together and to effect some kind of change and improvement.

If you can think of it, then you can ask for help, get help, and deliver your ambitions with any other individual or group, or a combination thereof.

Ambition Distribution Curve

Now all of us have our own ambitions and goals. We have them for ourselves, our family, the local community, the groups we frequent, the companies we work in, the countries we live in, what we see on the TV, what we read about, what others tell us, and lots more besides.

Through this magnified lens clouded by our beliefs, education, experience, skills, doubts, curiosity, and intuition we create our own ‘to-do’ list of ambitions and goals which may or may not be similar to that of our family and friends, neighbours, peers, people we see on the TV, leaders, and even strangers.

There is no one size that fits every individual or organisation. Some people have no ambition or few goals, whilst others have bucket lists as long as your arm. And everyone can lose sight of, or perhaps never know, what their true ambitions or goals look like.

Of course, we may believe we live in a caring or advanced society, (and this is an assumption that you live in one where there is some semblance of maturity and choice), however, go behind the gloss, and your reality may be somewhat different, if not for you, then certainly for millions of others!

Open Your Eyes & See Things As They Are

The first thing to do when deciding upon a beneficial portfolio of activities to create the changes and improvements you want to see in the world is open your eyes, see things as they are, and don’t believe a word anyone says.

Unfortunately, the truth can be very economical, and for all good intentions or otherwise, and so all of us have to become educated enough to make rational assumptions and decisions.

In our world, switching off, letting others do the work, not caring, or blaming others without taking any action only perpetuates waste, failure, inefficiency, or worse.

All of us have to be prepared to say things as they are, and not allow others to act in ways that are obviously unreasonable.

Are There Really Any Answers?

There may be, but our world may need a reset politically, financially, religiously, or otherwise. We have to find better ways to distribute wealth, remove discrimination, give everyone a real opportunity to learn and grow and overcome the many challenges that so many people are already struggling with.

A Different Paradigm

Everyone needs to have a voice and a realistic and reasonable chance to progress in life. For hundreds of years we have subjugated people, limited opportunity, discriminated against others, taken away livelihoods, shattered countries, split populations, and driven brother to fight brother.

Really… is this as good as it gets?

we decided to do something about it, where individuals and organisations such as yourself can follow an intelligent collaboration methodology to bring like-minded people together to undertake 18 everyday activities, from developing ideas, overcoming frustrations, fixing problems, and more.

This requires somewhat of a different approach than most of us currently understand, or utilise, and it means millions of like-minded people to come together and create the necessary leverage for change and improvement to work.

This isn’t a revolution, this is an evolution in mankind’s ability to be fair and reasonable to each other, fundamentally different from the dog-eat-dog, or rape-and-pillage mindset that permeates in some.

This road can take us as individuals and organisations wherever we want to go, as long as we are open with others, able to explain our ideas and thoughts, and able to deliver the value and benefit we desire.

It all starts with us coming together like never before, to overcome our differences, articulate our ideas, frustrations, problems, and more, ask for help, get help, and then plan and execute those tasks that deliver our desired outcomes.

Where does this road go?

Well, that depends on you, your organisation, your ambitions, your goals, and whatever you’re willing to do to make our world a better place…

Want more?

Then come and join us because it’s how we create a beneficial portfolio.

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