Why Is Ideas-Shared Like It Is?

Why is Ideas-Shared like it is image

Deeply Hidden Mantra

The mantra that lies hidden deep inside Ideas-Shared is that which has helped shape and form how it looks today, and that mantra is simple ‘be the best’.

Now ‘be the best’ was an advertising slogan of the British Army, which our founder Bob Thompson joined back in 1978. But what exactly does ‘be the best’ have to do with how Ideas-Shared currently looks today?

Origin of Ideas-Shared

When Ivar Ingimarsson met Bob Thompson, (Ideas-Shared as it was to become known), was originally designed to be a solution to help people find the specific help they needed to successfully develop an idea, which is why we still call our solution Ideas-Shared.

You see Ivar had a long-standing desire to help people achieve their ambitions, along with his own, which included supporting his beloved Iceland.

Life’s Challenges

it quickly became apparent, that all our lives are made up of much more than ideas. We have problems, frustrations, questions to ask, information to share, jobs that need doing, and even solutions that we all would like to give others, either for free, for cash, or to barter.

Bob recognised that all of these ‘activities’ needed to be done throughout life by individuals and organisations, and that not everyone had the help, support, and leverage needed to succeed.

On closer inspection, it was obvious that whatever solution was needed to help people develop their ideas, could be one that helps people get the help they need in every situation. And so, a methodology was created to enable this to happen.

That methodology has become known as ‘intelligent collaboration’ and it enables individuals and organisations to go out into the world to ask for help, get help, and deliver the desired outcomes with the people they know and those they’ve yet to meet.

Of course, without the Internet, this wouldn’t be possible. Luckily for everyone it does, which is why Ideas-Shared is a paradigm shift in thinking and application, that can help the world progress well beyond where it is today… to be the best.

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