Ambition Market

The ambition market is huge… we’re talking trillions in £ or $. Ambition is the only thing that will take the world from where it is today, to hopefully, a better place.

As discussed here, recognise ‘ambition’ sits in 4 primary buckets:

  • Personal ambitions of the member
  • Ambitions of other individuals, and groups of people they could help
  • The ambitions of organisations such as clubs, schools, business, public bodies, and government that they want to help
  • Systemic ambitions that could optimise ideology, thinking, laws, and global processes that seem to be too difficult to change and improve

Although these are often viewed as disparate ‘ambition’ buckets, they are intrinsic to each other, and cannot progress without the conditions and/or support of the other areas. That said, each of these have their own distribution and dynamics.

One thing that all ambitions have in common, is that it takes people to realise them, and the process always start with understanding what you want, and then asking for help to get it…