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Important Question

Do You Want To Help Make The World A Better Place?

To help change the status quo, people and organisations have to come together to identify and tackle the myriad of challenges in a systematic way. We need to decide what action to take, and then take appropriate action to alleviate matters.


Whether you’re an individual or organisation, every new member account that joins has the potnetial to help themselves and others overcome adversity and take advantage of opportunities. Do this with people you know and those you’ve yet to meet.


Ideas-Shared serves a market of 2 billion people globally, and millions of community groups, businesses, non-profits, and government organisations. Posting listings, syndicating listings, contacting people you know, or simply using posters to advertise offline, can massively increase your personal, and organisational influence.


On Ideas-Shared you have the option of posting unlimited personal, professional, and societal listings. These open up the potential to develop ideas, overcome frustrations, fix problems, offer solutions, and more, daily, for as long as you have a membership. The potential is exponential, especially in a market where all personal, social, community, business, environmental, economic, financial, technological, and political causes and initiatives are in scope.


Our 18 activity listing types are, upon completion, designed to deliver tangible and intangible benefits to list owners, and desired stakeholders. Even though our marketplace is funded through low cost subscriptions, (because we don’t want any distractions); generating value and benefit is possible.

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