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Make A Difference Today and Tomorrow

Take A Leading Role With Intent & Impact

Now that you’ve discovered the One World Initiative, and you’ve decided that you want to help make a difference in the world, or you know you need help changing the status quo, then it’s time to join our movement:

  • COMMIT TO ACTION: Start by deciding that you have an ambition, goal, idea, or thought that you 100% want to achieve. This can be a personal ambition where you benefit, one that helps other people, or an organisation, or maybe something that impacts everyone, or the environment.
  • CHOOSE AN ACCOUNT TYPE: Select either an individual account, you’ll need to be over 16, and/or create an organisational account for your Community Group, Business, Non-Profit, or Government Department. If you are selecting an organisation account, simply decide how many ‘Cohorts’ you want to set up. Perhaps it’s one per country, location, or department. Note that all Accounts have unlimited seats, so go ahead and choose as many as you need and treat each as a separate entity. Use these to collaborate internally and externally with any individual or party.
  • SIGN UP: Once you’ve agreed upon the number of accounts you need, go to the relevant sign-up page and complete it accordingly. Sign-up takes just a couple of minutes. Free accounts will require email confirmation. On completion, you’ll be redirected to the member area.
  • COMPLETE PROFILES: Once you’re in we recommend you complete your profiles.
    • Post everyday activity listings and follow the 7 Step Process
    • Help other members with their listings
    • Complete preferred training (Bootcamp, 30 Day Challenge, or Coached Progression) to learn more about us

It’s true, all of us have the potential to do more and go further than ever before, because, at the end of the day, success in life comes from asking for help, getting help, and being part of a global community of like-minded individuals and organisations that voluntarily choose to take action together, whenever it is needed. This is the opportunity before you now.

Everything is laid out for you to take any ambition, goal, idea, or thought that you believe in and do something amazing with it. Do as much or as little as you want. You’re 100% in control.

When you’re ready to select an Account Type, click the big button below to continue.

P.S. You have an amazing opportunity to be part of something really special. Through the One World Initiative, we’re bringing the world together to change the status quo and ensure our world is better for future generations. There’s no risk and all to play for.