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Re-Nationalise UK Railways


Railways in the UK are expensive and inefficient, and this has to change, and re-nationalising is one way to do it, but only if it’s done well. Our goal is to ensure it is.

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It used to cost me more than £5000 a year to commute from Crowthorne into Canary Wharf. Every day the journey was horrendous, often unable to sit, overcrowded, and late.

As usual, a historical lack of under-investment, old trains, short platforms, strikes, stupid pricing, and the perennial management v worker arguments, make UK railways a laughing stock.

Luckily, when living aborad I have the luxury of using the trians in Germany and Europe, oh so different, and so much fun.

Now we need to do something about our railways once and for all. Re-nationalising them is probably the way to go, but we need to do this in a very non-British way, to ensure that we get it right.

Let's discuss how best to turn our railways into a jewel that we're proud of…
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Business, Economic, Political, Social

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I want a good service, lower prices, efficiency, and no more strikes.
Cheaper fares, more seats, less crowding, punctual trains, fewer strikes… all the things we don't have today!
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Change, Comfort, Convenience, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Happiness, Improvement, Service

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Collaboration, Political Will, Publicity
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Want a great UK railway infrastructure? Then come and join the discussion!

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Waterloo Station, York Road, South Bank, Waterloo, London Borough of Lambeth, London, Greater London, England, SE1 7ND, United Kingdom

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Bob Thompson

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