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Stop Global Aggression

People of the World Unite

Here's an ambition that many billions of people have, and which our politicians and sections of society are woefully incapable of delivering, and that's stopping global aggression in all it's forms. This must be the number one priority for everyone.

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It's not just the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, or the fact that Putin will be consigned to the history books as a bully and traitor to the people of Russia, and to humanity as a whole for his actions, that's the issue.

The issue is our human ability to want to destroy our planet, our communities, and our livelihoods. That's why we need to collectively work together to ensure that these actions do not continue.
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Community, Economic, Environment, Political, Social

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Vent Anger, Vent Frustration

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Greater economic development, less destruction, less mass migration, less burdens across other economies to manage the fallout. Of course, the benefits of less aggression must adequately compensate for the profits made through arms sales. We need to use money for more useful pursuits that create greater harmony, well-being, and prosperity for everyone.
Depending on where you sit, the benefits for everyone are peace, prosperity and all things in-between.
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Contentment, Feel-good, Fulfillment, Happiness, Inclusion, Innovation, Justice, Meaning, Opportunity, Peace, Peace of mind, Prosperity, Security, Stability, Well-being

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Collaboration, Policy Changes, Political Will, Publicity
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Do you want to stop global aggression in all it's forms, then come and join our community, let's galvanise millions of people, bring everyone together, then raise our voices to ensure that the world moves in the right direction.

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50, Khreshchatyk Street, Центр, Shevchenkivskyi district, Kyiv, 01003, Ukraine

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Bob Thompson

Member since 3 years ago
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