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Improve Tourism

Our ambition to help Iceland comes from the fact that this the home of our co-founder, and we want to help. So here's a question for everyone interested in improving tourism in Iceland: how do we do it, and how can you help?

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Hey there, fellow Iceland enthusiasts!

Did you know that tourism in Iceland has skyrocketed in the past 15 years? In 2016 alone, the tourism industry contributed about 10% of the country’s GDP, which amounted to a whopping US$20 billion. And hold on to your hats, because in 2017, the number of foreign visitors exceeded 2 million for the first time! With such impressive growth, we’re here to discuss how we can take tourism in Iceland to even greater heights. Join Ideas-Shared and let’s get the answers Iceland needs to progress the tourism industry.


How can we make tourism in Iceland even better, secure funding, and ensure it benefits everyone in the country?

Funding Fun: Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of funding! With tourism booming, how can we finance its development in Iceland? Share your brilliant ideas on public-private partnerships, government investments, or maybe even unconventional crowdfunding campaigns. We want to think outside the box and find innovative ways to ensure we have the resources to elevate Iceland’s tourism game.

Sustainable and Splendid: Nature is our greatest asset, and we want to keep it pristine! How can we make sure tourism in Iceland is sustainable and leaves a minimal environmental footprint? From eco-friendly transportation initiatives to waste management systems, share your thoughts on responsible tourism practices that showcase the beauty of Iceland while preserving its natural wonders.

Unique Experiences: Iceland is so much more than stunning landscapes (though they are pretty fantastic!). Let’s discuss ideas to highlight our vibrant culture, tantalising cuisine, and hidden treasures. Share your suggestions for immersive cultural events, mouthwatering culinary experiences, and off-the-beaten-path adventures that will leave tourists in awe of all aspects of Icelandic life.

Making It Awesome: When tourists visit, we want to blow their socks off! How can we improve infrastructure, transportation networks, and facilities at popular attractions? Let’s brainstorm ideas to enhance visitor experiences and ensure that every corner of Iceland benefits from tourism’s growth. From the capital to the countryside, let’s spread the joy and the economic benefits.

Working Together: Destination management is key to success! How can we foster collaboration between tourism stakeholders, local communities, and government authorities? Let’s find ways to strike a balance between preserving our natural wonders, managing visitor numbers, and ensuring sustainable growth. Together, we can create a harmonious ecosystem where everyone thrives.

Beyond Peak Season: Iceland’s beauty shines year-round, not just during peak tourist season. Let’s discuss ideas to attract visitors during off-peak times and promote lesser-known regions. Share your thoughts on captivating off-season attractions, delightful festivals, and exciting activities that will entice tourists to explore the hidden treasures of Iceland and support local communities.

In Conclusion

Are you feeling the excitement? Join the vibrant discussion on Ideas-Shared, our little corner of the internet, where we can share our fantastic ideas, collaborate, and make tourism in Iceland truly extraordinary. Don’t forget the awe-inspiring stats: tourism contributed to a whopping 10% of Iceland’s GDP (US$20 billion) in 2016, with over 2 million foreign visitors in 2017. Let’s build on this success together. With funding solutions, sustainable practices, unique experiences, solid infrastructure, collaborative destination management, and off-peak season adventures, we can create a tourism industry that benefits every Icelander. Let’s make it happen on Ideas-Shared!

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Like Iceland? Have something to contribute? Have an idea or a problem relating to this? Then come and join us and let's make it happen.



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