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Ideas-Shared comprises an Ambition directory, Social network, Delivery Engine, and real-world Training, that’s built upon a commitment culture, where our members, people like you and I, aspire and engage to make a difference in the world.

With shared values, and that commitment to make the world a better place, you are joining a growing community of like-minded people who come together to deliver multiple dreams.

As a member, you have the chance to represent and collaborate with every decent person in the world, as well as indirectly help the United Nations! We’re all here for the same purpose, and we help our members be better than they believe, where friendships and memories, along with value generation are the most important.

Ideas-Shared is a safe, valued, and respected community, with trust and openness between members, even if they disagree.

Our shared values and commitment to a better world is that which underpins our culture, enabling us all to achieve more.

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Finally… An Ambition Realisation Platform For People Everywhere

We all have ambitions, ideas, challenges, problems, questions… we all need help… we can all offer help…

There are billions of people online, yet we live in bubbles, often scared to tell the truth… sometimes embarrassed… sometimes clueless about how to proceed… sometimes stopped by others… sometimes forced into silence… sometimes ignored…

As we progress our lives we can struggle with discrimination, inefficiency, greed, debt, and all manner of other ailments, and issues.

Often we don’t have the leverage to change and improve that which we want to change and improve… and finding like-minded people to help us can be difficult too…

So what now?


  • We need to come together
  • We need to say it as it is
  • We need to ask for help
  • We need to change the way we think about what’s possible
  • We need to create the leverage from as many people as possible who like you, are fed up with the status quo
  •  We need to act…

To take that first step, because when one person shares their ambition, and invites in help, then the door to many opens, and an avalanche of change and improvement will surely follow.

Isn’t that why you’re here?

So, what’s your story, and what ambitions do you dream about?

Our members are ordinary people aged from 16 to 75+ — with hopes and dreams, committed to making the world a better place in their own special way.

Importantly, our members want to do more than simply talk about something… they are inspired to strive for something better and want to see themselves, and others succeed!

On Ideas-Shared, members seek ‘their’ why, and drive their own agenda,  seeking the leverage they need to achieve their goals.

Membership Benefits

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  • Showcase your personal brand that tells people you care
  • Share your ambitions
  • Identify your important and urgent goals so you can do something about it
  • Engage in 18 everyday activities including developing ideas, overcoming frustrations, fixing problems, and more so you get the results you want
  • Ask for help and get help so you can move on
  • Build powerful teams that want the same results as you giving you much-needed leverage
  • Plan and execute tasks that deliver the desired outcomes you want

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