Real World Examples

All of us experience adverse and opportunistic events in every area of our lives, and its from these that our ambitions and goals develop. It’s as natural as eating, breathing and sleeping, and when these events do happen to us, or we read about something, or see something we each have a choice:

  • Do nothing or ignore the event
  • Complain for the sake of complaining
  • Do something positive to change and improve the situation

Ideas-Shared comes into its own when you want to do something positive, to change and improve something, but you don’t have the help, support, resources, or leverage to deliver the outcomes you want, and therefore you choose to use Ideas-Shared to ask for help, get help and then deliver on your ideals. As you do this on Ideas-Shared, your journey will most likely be as per the following diagram:

Ideas Shared Experience

The above highlights every important step that you need to take, and it incorporates our intelligent collaboration methodology and 7 Step Process (as defined in our FREE eBook 7 Steps To Glory).

What you have with Ideas-Shared is a real world way for YOU, or any ORGANISATION with others to take action to change and improve any event, or circumstance that you experience directly or indirectly, and where you, someone else, e.g. an organisation, or the environment are the beneficiary. A full range of activities that you can take on Ideas-Shared, along with potential benefits can be found here.

Event & Circumstance Examples

The following are real-world examples of events or circumstances that you may experience and subsequently want to progress with others on Ideas-Shared to achieve a particular outcome: