The Secret Behind Ideas-Shared

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Uniqueness of Ideas-Shared

The secret to Ideas-Shared appeal is how it has fused together opportunities to overcome adversity, and take advantage of opportunities across the individual, and organisation divide.

Ideas-Shared supports both personal and organisation-related ambitions underpinned by its core values that include integrity, teamwork, value, quality, and resolve.

The unique construction of this SaaS solution is highly granular and focused on intelligent collaborative action, rather than the usual information-sharing that we usually see online.

Simplicity In Design

One of the challenges throughout society is overcoming the many barriers that hold people back. We now live in siloes, it’s polarised, and fractured, and technology isn’t helping.

The other big challenge we have is how to overcome the many parcels of activity that people struggle with in their daily lives. Every day, people have ideas, frustrations, problems, questions, knowledge, and more. Overcoming these is the mechanism for a more fruitful life, and yet often people don’t have the help, support, and leverage needed to proceed. This is an issue across most areas of our personal, professional, and societal lives, and yet they are treated in completely different ways.

When you think about it, the things we do in life all follow a similar pattern, and that’s true whether we’re sorting out a problem for ourselves, or for someone else.

We wanted to find a singular solution for all parties, where inclusion was quick, easy, and affordable, where it opened the door to mass participation, and where the focus is on value and benefits realisation.

Single Membership

Given that people operate in a multi-faceted environment, it was obvious that membership to Ideas-Shared needed to put people center-stage. They then needed to be able to operate on behalf of themselves, to illicit help, support, and leverage to secure desired outcomes for themselves, as well as for the myriad of other interests in their life, which could extend to work, schools, clubs, charitable work, society issues, politics, the environment, and more.

A simple authorisation mechanism was created to allow a member to have one Account, and yet be able to operate in a capacity outside of themselves, officially on behalf of a 3rd party organisation, on top of a similar process that facilitates personal ambition realisation opportunities.

Vehicle For Change

Everyone has their life goals, everyday goals, aspirations, and ambitions, and so do 3rd party organisations with strategic imperatives, and annual plans.

Delivering these always comes down to undertaking activities, which in themselves deliver desired outcomes in the form of value and benefit, right across a broad spectrum of beneficiaries.

ideas-Shared now had to figure out how to create a vehicle to manage these everyday activities, such that they could be addressed by a larger cross-section of like-minded individuals, and organisations who wouldn’t normally participate, due to an inability to find each other.

Our intelligent collaboration methodology and 7 Step Process show how to do it, whilst our Activity Listings became the vehicle for making it happen.

Now, any member can easily share their personal, and 3rd party ambitions by posting an Activity Listing in either our Personal (Ambition) Directory or the Organisation (Ambition) Directory which facilitates the delivery along with our social network, and task management functionality.


Overall, the uniqueness of Ideas-Shared lies in its ability to provide a simple and effective platform for individuals and organisations to come together and collaborate in achieving their personal and professional goals. The platform’s focus on intelligent collaboration, rather than just information-sharing, makes it stand out from other online solutions.

Ideas-Shared’s design is built on the principle of simplicity, making it easy for people to overcome the barriers that hold them back in their daily lives. By providing a single membership that allows individuals to operate on behalf of themselves and third-party organisations, the platform encourages mass participation and opens up opportunities for everyone.

The seven-step process for intelligent collaboration, along with the Activity Listings, provides a vehicle for managing everyday activities and helps members deliver their desired outcomes in the form of value and benefit to a broad spectrum of beneficiaries. Ideas-Shared’s unique approach to collaboration, combined with its commitment to integrity, teamwork, value, quality, and resolve, makes it a powerful tool for driving change and improvement in personal, professional, and societal contexts.

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