Think Outside The Box

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Think Outside The Box

Common Sense & Logic Prevails

Think outside of the box to increase your chances of realising impossible ambitions. Ideas-Shared was built upon common-sense and logic, enabling users to set about achieving almost any ambition or goal, especially when progress is stifled due to a lack of help, support, and leverage.

In fact, genius comes to mind when thinking about the concept that underpins the entire solution, and which is amply explained throughout the site, thus ensuring any individual and organisation can make use of this superb platform.

Where Is Humanity Going?

Is there a grand plan for humanity, or are we simply reacting and lurching from one disaster to another, where individuals and organisations have limited opportunity to take control of anything, and are really only here to pay for, or mop up the failures of politics, and monetary policy?

With scan chance of affecting the status quo, it’s easy to see why so many people are disillusioned with life, work, government, etc.

So where are we going?

Think Outside The Box With Two-Pronged Direction

When ideas-Shared was created, the plan was to provide a safe, nurturing environment for individuals to share ideas, and to get help given how difficult this was in our polarised and fractured world. Now that’s thinking outside the box.

But then we realised that developing ideas is just one area of life where people and organisations struggle to get help. That’s why we decided to open up our platform to help people and organisations achieve 99.9% of their ambitions and goals, which are delivered through the completion of different activities.

Developing ideas is just one activity, we also fix problems, overcome frustrations, ask questions, manage jobs, promote and offer free and paid-for solutions, and in all of these activities, many of us also need help.

So we created a unique mechanism whereby any activity could be facilitated through our platform, to create a single repository of ideas and thought globally, where anyone or any organisation could reach out, ask for help, get help, and progress.

This covers two primary areas, the first being our respective individual and organisation goals, and the second is the underlying structure of society itself, which often inhibits our ability to achieve our ambitions and goals.

Biggest Challenge

Politics and our monetary system are backward, broken, and not fit for purpose, as are many industries that struggle with ailing technology, staff shortages, and rising prices. Our environment is also under enormous strain, and although it may appear that humanity has all the answers, well it clearly doesn’t.

We cannot continue like this.

We have to start saying things as they are, rather than put in place ever more draconian policies to reduce people’s ability to speak out and implement better ways of working, and living.

A New Beginning

There are no easy answers to the problems our world faces. There is only our ability to rationally think about things and make robust changes, as opposed to gestures.

Of course, we can continue to polarise politics, and openly discriminate about how we manage money in the broadest sense.

Ideas-Shared may not have all of the answers to the world’s problems, but we are a unique solution where people and organisations can strive to achieve their ambitions and goals together.


We reduced the barriers of entry to practically zero for everyone in order to drive the greatest levels of participation. So come and take a closer look at what we have to offer, it is different, but it can be super-effective if you give it a go.

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