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Stop Tribalism

Create A Different Future

Our goal is simple, stop focusing on our differences, or the justification of those, and instead focus on what we need to change and improve our world.

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Who's right and who's wrong… and why is that the case?

Every argument that we have in the world is between those that have and those that don't. This could be money, equality, status, politics, colour, education, job, car, location, the list is endless.

And so we argue, we blame, we fight, and for what?

But the simple truth is, no one has the right answer, and no one can fulfill the dreams of every one else. It's impossible. So we create scarcity, and end up in a situation where things get out of control and we end up in the wrong place.

Politics has failed us, the economy has failed us, financial systems have failed us, institutions have failed us, and the very nature of existence on earth is that they these failures will continue.
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Perhaps a little introspection, and thoughtfulness about the feelings of others. Then perhaps, by understanding why we fail, we can put in place the things we need to co-exist in a more equal state. At the end of the day, no matter what our personal perspective is, we're all part of the solution.
At time to level-set, to take stock, and to go forward in a more enterprising way.
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Balance, Choice, Contentment, Fulfillment, Growth, Inclusion, Influence, Introspection, Perspective, Purpose, Satisfaction, Self-worth

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Collaboration, Publicity
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Fed up with the status quo? Then come and join our community and make things happen.

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Bob Thompson

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