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1973… 2016… 2020… What’s Next?

Will Politicians Get It Right Tomorrow?

The new Labour Government has many challenges, not least how to address and progress relationships with the European Union. Our objective here, is to get the views of interested parties and find ways to communicate those accordingly to those that would value the input.

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My parents voted to join the European Union in 1973, and of course, having lived through World War II, I suspect that choice was an easy one. I was 12 back then.

Fast forward to 2016, the Brexit vote… when I voted to leave the establishment that had grown into something so fundamentally different from that my parents believed in.

Of course, the choice wasn't easy, but it seemed to me that the European Union had exceeded it's mandate, and now it was time to put things right.
However, even Brexit was poorly implemented, and the arguments for and against couldn't be told in a simple honest way. Doesn't that tell a story?

So we're starting the discussions between interested parties, to gain consensus, in the hope that future negotiations are more fruitfully completed.
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This activity is designed to collate the thoughts and desires of people and organisations throughout the UK, and to help communicate those through the proper channels so that the wishes of our members can be taken into account.
To have your say, and to make a difference.
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Inclusion, Influence, Opportunity, Peace of mind, Purpose

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Collaboration, Publicity
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Want to share your ideals through a new channel?

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European Parliament, 60, Rue Wiertz - Wiertzstraat, Espace Léopold - Leopoldruimte, Brussels, Brussels-Capital, 1047, Belgium

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Bob Thompson

Member since 3 years ago
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1973… 2016… 2020… What’s Next? 0 reviews

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